Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Can I walk or trust others to walk on my tile roof?

Some tile roofs can be walked on and others can not be walked on.  You should be experienced and know how to properly walk on a tile roof.  Most broken roof tiles are caused by those that don't know how to properly walk on these roofs.  Phoenix roofing suggests you leave it to a professional.

2)  I only have a few broken concrete roofing tiles.  Is that really a big deal?

Concrete roofing tiles are designed to shed the water off of your roof.  When you have a broken tile it will allow water to penetrate under the tiles which will deteriorate your roofing underlayment and wood battens.  A crack in the tile also allows the sun to adversely affect and deteriorate your roofing membrane especially if the roofing underlayment is felt paper.  Best suggestion is don't allow a small inexpensive roofing repair to become a large expensive roofing repair!

3)  I don't have any extra roofing tiles at my home.  Can we get roofing tiles to match the roofing tiles on our home?

In most cases, Phoenix roofing will be able to find a match.  However,  there will still be a difference in the look of the tile due to age and weathering of the tile. At times the tiles can be moved around or taken from a less conspicuous location on the roof.  Please know that finding the exact tiles is never a guarantee and locating the same manufacturer, style, and color does take some time and effort.  Tip:  Its always a good idea to buy more than is needed for a repair or replacement.

4)  Our friends noticed we don't have hip and ridge closure installed on our roof. What is hip and ridge closure?

Concrete tile hip and ridge closure is used on all new home construction today. The purpose of the hip and ridge closure is to help keep water and debris from entering under your tiles.  Your tile roofs worst enemy is water and debris under the tiles.  Tile hip and ridge closure can be added at any time but it's smart to look at the age of the roof vs. the repair investment.  It may make sense to wait until you need a new roof installation.

5)  What is the typical warranty on roofing repairs and/or roofing replacements?

All Phoenix roofing companies have different policies and warranties.  Our Phoenix roofing company offers 5 to 10 year roofing warranties on new installations and 1 to 5  year warranties on smaller roofing repairs.  Our roofing warranties are always written and given to you in the form of a roofing warranty certificate.

6)  I have a small roofing repair.  I've called a few Phoenix roofing companies and they don't seem interested and only want to talk about there $500.00 and up roofing repair minimums.  Do you have a roofing repair minimum charge?

No, we do not have a minimum roofing charge nor do we believe in minimum roofing charges.  Be leery of any company that mentions a minimum roofing charge.  They have very little interest in repairs and will do what they can to convince you of the need for a new roof.  Our Phoenix roofing company promises if we can save you money by proposing a roofing repair and it makes sense to do the repair we will do it.

7)  We called a local Phoenix roofing company and there salesmen showed up and tried to pressure us into signing a contract.  What sets your company apart from these other local roofing companies?

You will feel no pressure from us and most of the time you will communicate directly with the owner Jack Core.  We believe in earning your business the old fashion  way - with honesty, trust, service, communication and fair pricing!

8)  Does your roofing company accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard.

9)  What are some things a good roofing company should do when their out giving us a roofing estimate?

All Phoenix roofing companies operate a little differently and the salesmen at these roofing companies can be as different as night and day. You will know when the person your dealing with has your best interests in mind.  With that said, here are some of the things our roofing company WILL DO!  First, we will listen to your needs and concerns.  We will then inspect your roof and your attic space if accessible.  We will take pictures of any defects and/or concerns to show you and discuss with you.  Lastly, we will discuss your roofing repair or replacement options answering any questions or concerns you may have.

10)  We don't believe we have any roofing issues should we still get our roof inspected?

Yes, it is a good idea to get your roof inspected and continue to have your roof inspected annually especially if you have a foam roof.  Foam roofs require routine maintenance not to mention that the sun, water, birds, debris and other animals love to damage foam roofing.  Other roofing types are less likely to have issues but catch any small issues before they become big issues.

11)  We have a foam roof.  Does a foam roof require routine maintenance?

Yes, foam roofing does require routine maintenance.  Foam roofing, if not maintained properly will deteriorate quickly causing water leaks and other structural damage.  Call our Phoenix roofing company and we can discuss any of your foam roofing issues after a full inspection.

12)  I have a flat patio roof that is leaking.  I've been told I need to tear it off and replace it with a new roof.  Do I have any other options?

This really depends on the overall condition of the existing roof and the wood underlayment.  If the wood underlayment is bad its best to tear off the entire roof including the wood underlayment.  However, if the wood underlayment is solid and the flat roofing membrane is not in horribly condition we can look at saving you some money by coating over the existing roofing membrane.

13)  I don't want to use a white roof coating on my roof.  Are there other colors available to reduce the glear?

Yes, there are other roof coating colors available.  Our Phoenix roofing company likes to use a sandstone brown color which tends to blend in well with our desert environment.

14)  We are looking to have our concrete tile roof replaced.  How long does a typical tile roof removal and replacement take?

Phoenix tile roof replacements can vary due to the type of tile and the size and configuration of the home.  However, on average a concrete tile roof replacement will take 3-6 days.

15)  Our roof was damaged by a recent storm.  Do you have the experience and knowledge to help us with our insurance claim?

Yes, our Phoenix roofing company has extensive knowledge handling insurance roofing claims.  In fact, we have helped handle and process hundreds of insurance claims.  It is very important to have an experienced contractor on your side.  Phoenix Roofing has the experience and knowledge to help you with all your storm damage needs.
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