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Jack Core - Monday, August 01, 2016

Installing Walk Decks in Phoenix.  There can be numerous issues when installing walk decks.  The most important issues would be to make sure their constructed properly.  Below is a simple list of the major must haves:

1.)  Properly sized joists to carry the load of the walk deck.

2)  Properly designed header and support posts.

3)  3/4" tonque and groove decking (Glued & Screwed down to joists)

4)  Proper headwall flashings, counter flashings, and drip edge flashings should be installed.

Once you have a properly constructed walk deck you can start the walk deck roofing process.  Installing a walk deck properly takes some time and a series of steps must be completed.  Here is a list to give you an idea of the walk deck roofing process:

1)  Clean wood decking of all debris and make sure all joints are properly secured with screws.  Apply caulking to all joints and screw holes.

2)  Install layer of elastomeric roof coating to the wood decking and on top of the perimeter metal drip edge.

3)  Roll out and embed fiber mesh into elastomeric coating.  Make sure all edges are secure.

4)  Use a brush or light roller to embed more coating on top of the mesh to secure.

5)  Allow this first coat to dry over night.

6)  The next day install a nice liberal second coat of elastomeric coating.  It is best to color the elastomeric coating the same color on this coat as the sand granules you've selected for the top coat finish.  So, if you're doing a tan color sand as the top coat - you should add a tan pigment to the second elastomeric coating.

7)  Allow this second coat to dry over night.

8)  Now your ready to install a coating of Polyurethane Waterproofing Top Coat.  Depending on the size and configuration of the walk deck you need to plan on doing sections at a time.

9)  After you roll on the Polyurethane in a workable section then you apply the sand granules.  The best way to do this is by using a hand spreader and fill in light covered areas by hand to make sure you have a fully covered deck with the sand granules.

10)  You keep repeating step 9 above until the entire walk deck is completely covered with the sand granules.

11)  It will take some time for the Polyurethane to properly cure and harden so again let that dry overnight and do not walk on the walk deck during this time.

12)  After the deck has completely dried you can remove the excess sand granules with a blower.

A nice walk deck does take some skill and patience but when done correctly you will have a beautiful walk deck surface to enjoy.



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